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What Are The Activities To Indulge In Near One Of The Best Hotels In Shimla

If you are wondering as to what is one of the Best Hotels in Shimla, the answer inadvertently is Moon Lake Resort, Shimla.

If you are wondering as to what is one of the Best Hotels in Shimla, the answer inadvertently is Moon Lake Resort, Shimla. This resort is perfectly nestled in the beautiful village Kamyana in Himachal Pradesh. The well-curated interiors along with the excellent hospital of the staff would leave you satiated during your staycation here. The location of this resort is strategically planned so that people can travel to many places of tourist attractions easily. Let us explore the activities to indulge in while you stay here. Let your inner child come to the fore while you take a toy train ride along the track in the winding Himalayan valleys. The train runs from Kalka to Shimla and you will be able to enjoy some of the most enchanting panoramic views of the surrounding Himalayas. 

The best way to enjoy this train ride is by standing near the door while the cool breeze touches your skin and refreshes you instantly. Moon Lake Shimla is just 5 km away from the breathtaking Lakkar Bazar. Here in the Bazar, you can indulge in some retail therapy by buying some art and wooden artifacts, home decor, paintings, and winter wear. If you want to indulge in some adventurous activity, you must go river rafting at Tattapani. When you sit in the rafts you will sail along the river along its gorges and rapids and the chill water gushing against your skin would de-stress you like never before. Go for a trek to the enthralling Chadwick waterfall. This waterfall looks very graceful with its pristine water falling from a great height on steady rocks. It is tucked away on the Glen forest and the panoramic view of the waterfall along with the Himalayas in the background would leave you calm and serene. If you want to satiate your religious side, go for a pilgrimage to the revered Jakhu Temple which is 2400 m above sea level. Jakhu Temple has a huge idol of Lord Hanuman. It displays architectural excellence that is also rich in spiritual vibesIf you love historical places and want to soak in the ancient history, you must visit the Kuthar fort. This enthralling monument was built about 800 years ago and is still maintained well with all its gardens, pools, and freshwater springs. 

What would be a holiday without indulging in some food? Himalayan cuisine is famous for its off-beat taste and authenticity. Tourists love the taste of authentic local cuisines that is not tampered by the urban artificial flavor. When you stay here you must taste some of the best local cuisines like Madra, Thukpa, Dhaam, Babru, Chai gosht, etc. You can indulge in these activities over a couple of days at the Best Resorts in Shimla with more but then when you are tired and come back to spend a restful night the team at Moon Lake Resort would make you feel comfortable with all their hospitality. Now that you know about the variety of activities to indulge in, to make your vacation memorable, go ahead and book your staycation now!.