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Shimla: A Must Destination To Visit In A Lifetime

Do you know that it is snowing heavily in Shimla now? Have you ever witnessed a snowfall, where everything around you starts getting covered by a layer of snowflakes and everything looks invariable enchanting against the pristine snowflakes?

Do you know that it is snowing heavily in Shimla now? Have you ever witnessed a snowfall, where everything around you starts getting covered by a layer of snowflakes and everything looks invariable enchanting against the pristine snowflakes? If not, then read on to know how to make the most of this enthralling climate in Shimla, right now!

What is the average temperature of Shimla now?

The average temperature at Shimla right now is around 2 degrees Celsius. The maximum and minimum temperature predicted by the Meteorological department is around 8 degrees and -5 degrees and you will need to choose from the Hotels at Shimla to stay. This means that you are in for the view of snowfall for the next few days in Shimla inadvertently. About 3 cm to 5 cm of snow has been recorded in and around Shimla this winter.

Tips to enjoy snowfall as much as ever

While planning to indulge in some fun-filled activities in the snow, remember these tips so that you are well equipped with all things for protection. Make sure to carry thermal wear that is specifically designed to keep your body warm in a frigid climate. You can team it up with a crop top or a jacket and stole to add a bit of style to your attire. Men can also follow the same rule to wear thermal wear inside and then team it up with some casual wear on top. Thermal wear mitigates the need for wearing multiple winter wear to protect your body from extreme cold. It also keeps you warm and cozy and allows you to style it with other accessories. Snowfall can be a little tricky as it can cause frostbite if one is careless. To prevent frostbite, wear windproof and waterproof outer and inner garments. Invest in rubber boots so that even if the snow melts, your feet and socks are well-protected. Make sure to cover your head and ears with heavy wool or fleece hat, and your face with a scarf or a stole. Always cover your hands with gloves or insulated mittens to keep them warm and to avoid unnecessary contact with the snow. By following these tips, you can protect yourself from hassles and you can enjoy your time in the snow carefree and without worries

Which places to visit in Shimla now and why?

Apart from enjoying the snowfall and indulging in some games like skiing, sledding, etc., you can visit some of the best tourist destinations in and around Shimla now. Let us go on a virtual tour of these enthralling places!

Allow your inner child to come to the fore while riding a toy train through the twisting Himalayan valleys. The train will take you from Kalka to Shimla and will provide you with some of the most breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Himalayas. The best way to enjoy this train ride is to stand near the door and feel the cool breeze on your skin, which instantly refreshes you.

If you want to enjoy shopping, you must visit the breathtaking Lakkar Bazar. You can indulge in some retail therapy in the Bazar by purchasing art and wooden objects, home decor, paintings, and winter wear.

 If you're looking for an exciting pastime, river rafting at Tattapani is the way to go. The icy water rushing on your skin will de-stress you like never as you sit in the rafts and float along the river through its gorges and rapids.

Take a hike to the captivating Chadwick waterfall. With its immaculate water dropping from a considerable height on firm rocks, this waterfall appears to be quite graceful. It is tucked away in the Glen Forest, and the panoramic view of the waterfall and the Himalayas in the distance will leave you feeling quiet and serene.

Go on a trip to the famed Jakhu Temple, which is located 2400 meters above sea level, to satisfy your religious side. Lord Hanuman's idol is enormous at Jakhu Temple. It has an architectural style to its marvelous beauty along with a spiritual undercurrent.

 The Kuthar fort is a must-see for history buffs who want to immerse themselves in the past. With all its gardens, ponds, and freshwater springs, this fascinating monument was created some 800 years ago and is currently beautifully preserved.

What would a vacation be without some delicious food and drinks? Himalayan food is well-known for its unique flavors and authenticity. Tourists adore the taste of authentic regional meals that aren't tainted by artificial urban flavorings. You must try some of the best local dishes while you are here, such as Madra, Thukpa, Dhaam, Babru, Chai gosht, and so on. If you love alcohol, a glass of warm rum, whiskey, or a classy glass of wine would not be a bad choice as well. Enjoy these luxuries of life and make the moments count! at the Best Hotels in Shimla with your loved ones.


Even If you have enjoyed a snowfall before there is always a reason to enjoy it once more at Shimla. The queen of hills, inadvertently lures a lot of tourists throughout the year and especially during these winters and therefore you must not postpone your self-love and you must visit her. Satiate your wanderlust spree, bring out your inner child, indulge in some fun-filled games and activities, flex your muscles, eat sumptuous food, etc. The ways to make the most out of the snowfall are endless. Go ahead and enjoy your holiday now!