Activities Near Moon Lake Shimla

While you plan your staycation at one of the Best Luxury Hotels In Shimla, Moon Lake Resort Shimla, let us look at the various activities that you can indulge in to make your vacation memorable. Every year Shimla is flocked by travel enthusiasts and wanderlust souls to catch a glimpse of the natural beauty that melts away all the stress and strain of urban life. There is something to indulge in for everybody, whether it is a seeker, an unapologetic wanderer, a shopaholic, or a romantic soul. Here are the top 10 activities that you should indulge in during your stay here.

A fascinating toy train ride

This fun ride in a toy train is a must if you want to bring your inner child to the fore. This toy train from Kalka to Shimla gives you some of the best views of the surrounding mountains and skies. Have fun while standing near the door and do not miss to catch a glimpse of the enthralling sight.

Toy Train Toy Train Ride
Lakkar Bazar Lakkar Bazar

Retail therapy at Lakkar Bazar

The Lakkar Bazar is just 5 km away from the Moon Lake resort. This market is a fusion of traditional artifacts and modern-day fashion wear. Make your pick from wooden artifacts, art pieces, rare home décor items, and winter wear that is available at very affordable prices.

Ice Skating

Learn Ice Skating at Asia’s only open-air ice skating rink here in Shimla. Fall, get up, and repeat, as that is the essence of life. Have fun with your friends in this totally exciting activity and capture videos to show them to your folks back home.

Ice Sketing Ice Skating
River Rafting in shimla River rafting

River rafting at Tattapani

If you have never indulged in river rafting, you must go for this adrenaline rush pumping activity on the river Sutlej. Tattapani is a place reflecting the untampered beauty of Nature at about 50 km away from Shimla. Learn to say through the river and its gorges under the guidance of an experienced guide and let the cold waters of the river wash your stress away.

A perfect pick for Nature Enthusiasts

Are you a budding ornithologist? You don’t need to be though. If you are a nature enthusiast and love to catch a glimpse of our other fellow beings on planet Earth, you should visit this place. If you get charmed by birds, here is your chance to witness a wide species of birds that will make you wonder at Nature and its creatures. Find all kinds of migratory birds chirping away in glee and happiness and smile at their carefree gesture. You can find a variety of species like barbets, thrushes, flycatchers in this forest sanctuary. You can also spot other wild animals like leopards, Gorals, Indian Sambar, musk deer, Himalayan Brown Bear, or the Red Jungle Fowl, etc. Carry your snacks and water bottles as there are no restaurants inside. The forest land is levelled perfectly to ease your trek inside. Enjoy Nature’s wilderness in the purest form here and feel connected.

Nature Enthusiasts
Chadwick Waterfall Chadwick Waterfall

The bewitching Chadwick Waterfall

The Chadwick waterfall is one of Nature’s pristine gifts to us. Nature enthusiasts who want to enjoy the untainted wilderness of nature should visit this place to satiate their eyes and soul. It is nestled serenely in the Glen Forest and is characterized by crystal clear water falling on steady rocks from a great height. It is an ideal spot for an early morning trek where you can have your breakfast against a mystic backdrop.

Jakhu Temple

You can take a spiritual tour here while visiting the revered Jakhu Temple. The Jakhu Temple is situated 2400 m above sea level. The temple has a huge idol of Lord Hanuman. He is the lord of strength and removal of fear and anxieties. Along with architectural beauty, this temple is highly revered for its divinity.

Jakhu Temple Jakhu Temple
Kuthar Fort Kuthar fort

A visit to the Kuthar fort

All historophiles must not miss a peaceful visit to the Kuthar fort. This fort is spread across 53 square km and is a landmark that is filled with pools, gardens, and freshwater springs that were built about 800 years ago. The architectural magnificence along with the historical significance of this place calls for curiosity and wonder amongst tourists.


This snow-adorned hill station located at 8000 feet above sea level is a must-visit if you love snowfall and want to capture the most jaw-dropping pictures. If you visit the place from December through January. You can indulge in snow sports like skiing or sledding. At Kufri, you will view scenes that look straight out of a winter-themed painting.

Kufri Kufri

Enjoy A while being at a foodie’s paradise

How can we skip talking about the local cuisines when we are covering a holiday destination? Shimla is famous for its delicacies that have later travelled to all parts of the world and have taken people on a tantalizing trip. While at Kamyana, interact with the locals and taste some of the most authentic local cuisines like Dhaam, Madra, Thukpa, Babru, Chha Gosht, etc.

Make the most of your stay at one of the best resorts in Shimla and make your trip memorable as ever.